Monday, October 24, 2016

How can I decide if a college is a good fit for me? Weekly Plans: 25-27 October

Hey Advisees!

1) Get your App State Trip Form signed, turn in your form and $20 on the same day! Due by Oct. 28 (next Friday).
2) Consider these upcoming events:
*Saturday, Oct 29th, 9:00am: Costume and Family Friendly 5k at Kiwanis! Support Michael S as he works on his Eagle Scout project! 
*Thursday, Nov 3rd: Take 5 poetry night at Karma Coffee
*Saturday, Nov 12th: Take classes taught by UNC Students at UNC! $15, make an account and register here (go to the bottom to create an account - this will help you get used to college course registration in the future!)
Big Idea: Exploration of college, career, and life goals
Essential Question: How can I decide if a college is a good fit for me?
Objectives: I can...
...match college majors to courses and careers.
...complete a challenge with my buddy. and contrast colleges.
Tuesday, 25 October
Classes at App State

1) Warm Up: Planner Update
    Image result for App State classes
  1. Fill in any upcoming due dates, tests, projects, family events, etc in your planner.
  2. Add a brain break.
  3. Write a SMART goal for the week.
  4. Doodle a scene or moment from what you read in DEAR and share it in Stand Up-Hand Up-Pair Up.
2) Class Registration: App State Style
  1. Browse the course catalog.
    1. Name three majors or minors that sound interesting to you.
    2. Choose two classes you find interesting even if they are not from a major or minor you listed.
    3. Match one of the classes you listed to a career you could go into for which that course would be beneficial.
  2. Post your list on the class poster.
3) Exit Ticket: Reflection - Neighbor Chat
  1. Does ASU have the major you are interested in?
  2. Based on what you have learned about App, what will you look for as you begin to finalize college application choices?
  3. Review the buddy list here so you know where to go tomorrow!
Wednesday, 26 October
Buddy Day! Spaghetti Tower/Marshmallow Competition

1) Welcome Back Buddies! (5 min)
  1. Option 1: Freshman/Sophomore Venn Diagram: Make a Venn diagram. Describe your experiences this year and list at least three things in each section of your Venn diagram.
  2. Option 2: Buddy Interview: Write a three question interview for your buddy on a note card. Switch cards and answer questions. Switch back and discuss. Question ideas include: What is your favorite school lunch? Least favorite? What is the hardest class you are in? What clubs are you in? What clubs do you wish we had?
2) The Challenge!
  1. Work with your buddy to create a tower that supports a marshmallow.
  2. The tower must be free-standing - no outside supports.
  3. Use the materials listed to the right.
  4. The marshmallow goes on top of the tower, so avoid taking it apart.
  5. The tallest tower at 11:18 wins!

Image result for App State**************************
Thursday, 27 October
App vs _______: A College Comparison

1) Warm Up: Snowball Fight
  1. Write down current things that are making your crazy, a happy moment, a question you have, or a random fact.
  2. Throw your snowball.
  3. Read the snowball you pick up.
2) Comparing App to Another College
    Image result for college comparison chart north carolina schools
  1. Create a Venn diagram.
  2. Label your first choice school and App State on the circles. If App State is your first choice school, compare App to a safety school. 
  3. On the left side of your Venn diagram, list 5 categories you will use in your comparison. Here are some possible topics: majors, location, cost, clubs I'm interested in, sports, famous for..., etc.
  4. Underneath your Venn diagram:
    1. Write a point sentence telling which of these factors is the MOST important in your college decision making.
    2. Respond in 2-3 sentences: What evidence do you have that your first choice college meets your requirements?
3) Exit Ticket: App State Form
  1. Make sure you are logged into your LCS account and complete the form below to help us personalize our App State trip!

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