Monday, October 17, 2016

Prepare for Success on the PreACT! Monday, 17 October

Hey Advisory Students! Here are the resources you asked for!
1) I want to study!

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  1. Make an ACT Profile account here. Go to "Plan" > "Test Prep" and use the Questions of the Day.
  2. Complete sample questions from the sections you want to focus on here.
  3. Prepare for the English/grammar section by doing Grammar Bytes activities here. Use the higher numbered exercises for more of a challenge.
2) Destress for success!
  1. Read!
  2. Write "safety thoughts" or positive mantras on sticky notes and post them in your planner and binders that you'll look through today. Don't know what to write? Pretend your best friend is freaking out and you are helping him/her.
  3. Color!
  4. Build things with legos.
  5. Listen to music.
  6. Remember, this is ONE snapshot that you are providing yourself and your teachers so you can prepare for the ACT next year!
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