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How can I make the best out of my time at LEC and CCCC? Weekly Plans: 11-12 January

Hey Advisees!

Homework: Sign up for a parent/guardian-teacher-student conference on page 2-3 of the document here. This is LATE, so HURRY UP thanks :). 
Big Idea: Systems have interrelated parts
Essential Question: How can I make the best out of my time at LEC and CCCC?
Objectives: I can...
...update my graduation plan and track sheet.
...find an academic worksheet for my major of choice at my first choice college (OR a safe school).
...identify the classes that I will have credit for when I transfer to a four year school.
...list the classes I still need to take.
Image result for graduation plans...discuss any changes I need to make with my Advisor.
Wednesday, 11 January
Graduation Planning Revisited

1) Warm Up: I'm looking forward to...
  1. Stand Up-Hand Up-Pair Up and talk to three classmates.
  2. Answer one question with each partner:
    1. What are you looking forward to this semester?
    2. What do you think will be challenging this semester?
    3. What class do you think will be the most interesting/entertaining/inspiring? Why?
2) Graduation Planning Revisited 
  1. Part 1: Updates
    1. Take out your old graduation plans.
    2. Use pencil to add on to this plan. Specifically, add summer and fall classes and your grades. Also, add what you want to take as a junior, senior, and super senior. Refer to the course catalog here. (Make sure the classes transfer BEFORE selecting them!)
    3. On your track sheet, check off any classes you have now completed. *Star* any classes you are now enrolled in. If your track sheet is a mess, you are welcome to start a new one!
  2. Part 2: How will it transfer?
    1. Find a list of the classes you will need to take for the major of your choice at your first choice college or safe school.
    2. Image result for comprehensive articulation agreement, north carolina
      1. Fast search tips: Use the first table in the document here (refer to the second column).
      2. Search tips: Type in "major worksheets + college name", "academic worksheet for name of major at college name".
    3. Add the link to your list of classes to the second table in the document here.
    4. Once I have printed your list of classes: (Use the first table in the document here, refer to the third column.)
      1. Highlight or underline in green the classes you have already completed with CCCC classes. Note the CCCC equivalent course near the name of the course you completed.
      2. Highlight or underline in yellow the classes you plan to complete with courses at CCCC. Note the CCCC equivalent course near the name of the course you will complete.
  3. Part 3: Parent/Guardian-Teacher-Student Conference Talking Points
    1. Plan what you will discuss at your meeting. Topics include:
      1. Explain how you chose your classes.
      2. Tell us about any academic concerns and frustrations. Share your biggest academic success with us.
      3. What college is the best fit for you and why?
      4. What major will you pursue and why?
      5. What careers are you currently interested in?
      6. Describe what the Successful Student Portfolio is and how it has helped you.
    2. Write your talking points on an index card and put this in your red folder. At least the entire front of your card should be filled.
Image result for comprehensive articulation agreement, north carolina

Thursday, 12 January
Graduation Planning Revisited, Day 2

1) Warm Up: Get Set
  1. In the log in your Successful Student Portfolio, list what you have left to complete:
    1. Update graduation plan
    2. Update track sheet
    3. Find list of classes at my first choice college
    4. Link list of classes in the document above
    5. Figure out how my classes will transfer
    6. Write my talking points for the meeting
Image result for comprehensive articulation agreement, north carolina2) Go: Finish preparing for your spring advising meeting!
  1. Finish the tasks on your list.
  2. Meet with me to check in on your work so far.
  3. Done early? Read, work on homework, or relax.

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