Monday, January 30, 2017

How can I make the best out of my time at LEC and CCCC? Week 5: 31 January - 2 February

Hey Advisees!

-Make sure I have signed registration sheets from you and your parents/guardians.
-Finish your Registration Wrap Up Task by Thursday.
Big Idea: Systems have interrelated parts
Essential Question: How can I make the best out of my time at LEC and CCCC?
Objectives: I can...
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Have you heard of all of these schools?
...see how my AA/AS will help me earn my bachelor's degree.
...set and meet personal goals. 
Tuesday, 31 January
Registration Wrap Up Task Day 1

1) Get Ready:
  1. Read through the assignment here (or on your paper copy).
  2. Ask questions.
  3. Choose the task you will complete.
  4. Work to complete your task. Resources:
    1. Find your school's transfer guide by going to the document here and see column 3 of the first table. 
    2. CCCC's Course Catalog is linked here. Make sure you only look at CAA/UGETC classes!
    3. Review how to carry out an informational interview here.
2) Exit Ticket: Write yourself a to do list for tomorrow.
Wednesday, 1 February
Registration Wrap Up Task Day 2

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1) Get Ready: 

  1. Review your to do list from yesterday.
  2. Complete the LEC Superlatives here!

2) Get to Work:
  1. Finish the tasks on your sticky note.
  2. Done early? Work on homework.
Thursday, 2 February
Registration Wrap Up Task Day 3/
Successful Student Portfolio Work Day

1) Get Ready: In your log, write what you will do today. Suggested options:
  1. Finish your Registration Wrap Up Task and turn it in.
  2. Take a brain break.
  3. Make flash cards or a foldable to review for your toughest class.
  4. Add sticky note annotations to 5 pages of a college textbook or novel. 
2) Get to work! Be sure to critique/reflect on your work at the end of the period.

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