Thursday, January 5, 2017

What successful choices will I make this semester? Daily Plans for Week of 5 January

Hey Advisees!

Homework: Sign up for a parent/guardian-teacher-student conference on page 2-3 of the document here. This is due by Monday, Jan 9!
Image result for new years goalsBig Idea: Systems have interrelated parts
Essential Question: What successful choices will I make this semester?
Objectives: I can...
...preview the semester in Advisory.
...set personal goals.
...ask questions about my schedule.
Thursday, 5 January
Welcome Back!

1) Warm Up: Start SMART
  1. Set a SMART goal for the semester in your advisory guide. Don't have it with you? Set this on a sticky note and add it when you bring your advisory guide.
  2. Goal topics include:
    1. How soon and how often will you talk to your college professors IN PERSON?
    2. What grades will you maintain?
    3. How will you maintain your sanity?
    4. How often will you come to class? (EVERYDAY!)
    5. Who could you email to learn about your college and career? How many emails will you send?
    6. Will you join a club? Apply for a job? Find a summer program to attend?
Image result for spring preview2) Advisory Spring 2017 Overview
  1. Read the Advisory Newsletter.
  2. *Star* sections your parents/guardians need to read and/or fill out.
    1. They need to send me an email or note with contact info.
    2. You all need to choose a conference date/time.
  3. Send your parents/guardians a text or email OR set an alarm to schedule your appointment.
    1. A note about conferences: We need to have your graduation plan updated before the meeting. Please be thinking about college and career choices. We will dive into this next week! You will also show your parents/guardians your progress on your portfolio. YOU MUST ATTEND THIS MEETING!
  4. Add the important dates listed on your newsletter to your planner/calendar/agenda/phone.
  5. Ask any questions you have. Let me know if you have schedule concerns.
3) The Big Reveal

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