Tuesday, February 28, 2017

How much does college cost? How will I afford college? Weekly Plans: 28 February - 2 March

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-Due Tuesday, March 7: Teach a Parent or Guardian about Paying for College
Big Idea: Systems have interrelated parts
Essential Question: How much does college cost? How will I afford college?
Objectives: I can...
...find and share information about a variety of scholarships.
...define the terms FAFSA and EFC.
...discuss how to make college affordable with your family.
...set and meet a personal goal.
Performance Task: Write a letter to your parents/guardians describing how you plan to afford college. You'll include reminders for things like how and when to fill out FAFSA and questions you have for them. (This will be done in a few weeks.)
Tuesday, 28 February
Scholarship Throw-down

Image result for weird scholarships
1) Get Ready:
  1. Open the document here.
  2. Read the directions and ask questions.
2) Go! Work by yourself or with a partner to add information about three scholarships to the document.
2) Exit Ticket: Read the contributions made by your classmates and add your initials to scholarships you would consider applying for.
Wednesday, 1 March

Image result for fafsa1) Get Ready: On your sticky note, write your name and what you think you deserve a scholarship for OR describe a scholarship that you think should exist.

2) Go!

  1. Discuss basic FAFSA tips:
    1. If you and your family file taxes and have a social security number, FAFSA is very simple.
    2. Do FAFSA as early as possible. The new date FAFSA opens is October 1st. 
    3. Complete FAFSA during your senior year (in the fall).
    4. If you are a male over 18, you need to register for the draft.
    5. Don't have a social security number? Take a look at the document here that also has some helpful information on affording college. 
  2. Fill in the basic information about FAFSA and EFC on your sheet using the link here.
  3. Choose to tackle Option A or B at home with your family. This is due Tuesday, March 7th.
  4. Extra Time? Check your first choice college's score card here.
3) Exit Ticket: Send a text to your family, set an alarm, your write yourself a note so you remember to do your homework task by Tuesday, March 7.
    Thursday, 2 March
    Successful Student Portfolio Work Time

    Image result for success quotes1) Get Ready: In your log, write what you will do today. Suggested options:
    1. Organize your binder and complete the binder checklist.
    2. Annotate 3 pages in a textbook using sticky notes. 
    3. Create flashcards or study tools for an upcoming test.
    4. Peer evaluate a paper with a classmate. 
    2) Closure: Reflect on what you accomplished today by filling in your SSP log.

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