Tuesday, March 28, 2017

What goals can help me stay excited and overcome obstacles on the way to my first choice college? Week of 28-30 March

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Have you done these things?
Hey Advisees!

-Finish and turn in late work: Affording College Letter; College Profile; Report Card check
-Due Soon/Next Wednesday 4/5: College Application Timeline
Big Idea: Systems have interrelated parts
Essential Question: What goals can help me stay excited and overcome obstacles on the way to my first choice college?
Objectives: I can...
...set college planning goals.
...create a visually appealing timeline.
...describe how I will overcome obstacles
Image result for life timelines drawn by handTuesday, 28 March
College Planning Timeline Day 2
1) Get Ready:
  1. Discuss current assignments and late assignments.
  2. Take out college application timeline materials.
2) Go! 
  1. Fill in the top part of the sheet. If you haven't changed college goals, you have this information.
  2. Finish setting goals! Resources for goal setting:
    1. Timeline from CFNC
    2. Senior Year Application Checklist from Big Future
    3. Timeline 12th Grade from Big Future
    4. Master Timeline: College Admissions from Khan Academy
    5. Your College Prep Timeline from Princeton Review
    6. Check your college's website to see what you need to do AFTER you are admitted! Don't forget to make your down payment, accept your admissions, review financial aid packages, apply for housing, etc. Sound crazy? Remember, AVID 4 will help you with this!!!
  3. Begin creating your visual!
Image result for life timelines drawn by handImage result for life timelines drawn
Wednesday, 29 March
College Planning Timeline Day 3

1) Get Ready:

    Image result for visual life timeline
  1. Review how your timeline will be graded and read the visual requirements.
  2. Reflect and predict: What grade do you think you'll get if you keep working on this the way you have?
2) Go!
  1. Use your goal sheets, big white paper, construction paper, computer paper, markers, colored pencils, etc. to create your visual timeline!
  2. Have fun with the visual and let me know if you need ideas and help! Foldables, flip books, spirals, traditional timelines, digital piktocharts all work!
    Thursday, 30 March
    Successful Student Portfolio Day

    Image result for portfolio1) Get Ready: Fill in what you will do today during in your SSP log. 
    1. Options:
      1. Organize your binder and complete the binder checklist (you have this in your red folder).
      2. Work on late Advisory work.
      3. Complete any choice activity!
    2) Closure: Reflect on what you accomplished today by filling in your SSP log.

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