Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Why is my first choice college the best fit for me? How can I prepare to apply to my first choice school? Week of 14-16 March

Hey Advisees!

-Due Tomorrow: Affording College Letter with notes from you and your family.
-Want to continue your college search? Confirm that you've made the best choice? Go the NACAC National College Fair TODAY in Raleigh. (See the flyer here.)
-NCSU Engineering Open House is THIS SATURDAY.
Big Idea: Systems have interrelated parts
Essential Question: Why is my first choice college the best fit for me? How can I prepare to apply to my first choice school?
Objectives: I can...
...set and meet a personal goal.
...navigate a college website.
...complete a college profile.
...decorate my profile with relevant information.
Performance Task: College Profile due next Tuesday, 21 March!
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Tuesday, 14 March
Successful Student Portfolio Day

1) Get Ready: Fill in what you will do today during in your SSP log. 
  1. Options:
    1. Finish your "Affording College Letter", share it with me, discuss at home, bring it back tomorrow. (See the document here)
    2. Wrap up any final missing/late work and revisions.
    3. Organize your binder and complete the binder checklist.
    4. Annotate 3 pages in a textbook using sticky notes. 
    5. Create flashcards or study tools for an upcoming test.
    6. Peer evaluate a paper with a classmate. 
2) Closure: Reflect on what you accomplished today by filling in your SSP log.
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Best Value Schools
Wednesday, 15 March
College Profile Day 1

1) Get Ready: Discuss the goals of the college profile assignment:

  1. Become fluent at navigating your first choice school's site.
  2. Make a resource other LEC students can use.
  3. Triple-check that this school is a good fit for you!

2) Go!
  1. Fill in your college profile using your college's website only. 
  2. If you cannot find something, let me know!
    Thursday, 16 March
    College Profile Day 2

    Image result for college snapshot1) Get Ready: 
    1. Stand Up-Hand Up-Pair Up to share the most interesting questions and comments your family asked/made while you discussed your Affording College Letter.
    2. Take out your college profile sheet.
    2) Go!
    1. Finish your profile sheet and the 3 questions at the end.
    2. Add a border with school colors, quotes, etc (at least 5 doodles or quotes, etc).

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