Monday, April 17, 2017

How will I sustain my personal wellness? Weeks of 18-20 April & 25-28 April

Hey Advisees!

-Wellness Journal due Friday, 28 April
-Finish and turn in late work: Affording College Letter; College Profile; College Application Timeline
Big Idea: Systems have interrelated parts
Essential Question: How will I sustain my personal wellness?
Objectives: I can...
...set and meet a short term goal.
...create my own wellness station schedule.
...practice different strategies for staying well.
...identify the parts of the Common Application I need to work on.
...write a practice essay for the Common Application.
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Tuesday, 18 April

Catch Up Day
1) Catch Up!
  1. Check your missing work for Advisory.
  2. Finish any missing tasks or revisions.
  3. Turn work in to me when you are done!
2) Get Ready!
  1. Read the wellness station descriptions and days offered. *You may choose to do a wellness activity tomorrow as an addition to your portfolio if there are a lot of stations you like.*
  2. Create your schedule and give it to me.
Activity Day Reminders:
  1. Lunch is at 12:00!
  2. Missing work? Go to your missing work room RIGHT AFTER Advisory. You will have from 12:00-12:45 for lunch.
  3. No missing work? Enjoy Activity Day fun for all of 3rd period w/ lunch at 12:00!
  4. EVERYONE will be in 4th period ON TIME!
Image result for dimensions of wellnessWednesday, 19 and Tuesday, 25 and Wednesday, 26 April
Wellness Day 1-4

1) Stations!
  1. Review the stations you selected for today.
  2. Complete the station tasks.
  3. Station H: Intellectual Exploration Resources
    2. The News IQ Quiz
    3. Science Discoveries Worth Celebrating
  4. Station I: Menu Mayhem Resources
    1. Tasty from Buzzfeed
    2. Foodgawker Healthy Gallery
    3. Four Food Blogs Perfect for Students
    4. Cooking Light 5-Ingredient Cookbook
2) Exit Ticket: List what you did today and then reflect on what you learned.

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    Thursday, 19 April
    Successful Student Portfolio Day
    Wellness Day 2 (Optional)

    Image result for portfolio1) Get Ready: Fill in what you will do today during in your SSP log. Options:
    1. Complete a wellness station activity.
    2. Organize your binder and complete the binder checklist (you have this in your red folder).
    3. Work on late Advisory work.
    4. Complete any choice activity!
    2) Closure: Reflect on what you accomplished today by filling in your SSP log.
    Thursday, 27 April
    Common Application Day 1

    Image result for common application1) Get Ready: Prepare for the Common Application
    1. Read the tips here to learn more about the Common Application.
    2. Ask questions!
    2) Go!
    1. Fill in as much as you can of the Common Application here.
    2. *Star* or highlight parts you'll need help with from your parents/guardians when you actually apply to college.
    3. Choose your essay prompt from the source here. Copy and paste the option you will respond to in a new document.
    Image result for application essay tips*************************
    Friday, 28 April
    Common Application Day 2

    1) Get Ready: 
    1. Review the prompt you will respond to. 
    2. List some points you will make in your essay.
    2) Go! Write your Common Application Essay and share what you have with me for feedback!

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