Monday, May 1, 2017

What will I do during 10 Day Review to end the year successfully? Plans for 1-15 May

Hey Advisees!

Image result for review imagesHomework: 
-By Wednesday: Turn in your Wellness Journal to replace your lowest Q4 grade
-ASAP: Turn in late work and revisions for HS classes
-Ongoing: Study for CCCC and HS finals
1) Consider donating sticky notes, highlighters, positive notes, stickers, pens, pencils, granola bars, gum, etc to create 10 Day Review Survival Kits.
2) Consider bringing a snack to share for Monday, 15 May. 
Big Idea: Systems have interrelated parts
Essential Question: What will I do during 10 Day Review to end the year successfully?
Objectives: I can...
...write to prepare for college and careers.
...create and follow a timeline.
...set, meet, and discuss personal goals.
4th Block DLL Students: To work in ANY location other than Mrs. Kitchens' classroom during DLL, you MUST have an email or note from the teacher whose project you are working on stating where you are working. Mr. Lockard must know where you are and what you are doing at all times. Thank you!
Monday, 1 May
Final Test Planning Day
1) Prepare:
Image result for smart goals
  1. Read the final test sheet.
  2. Select the Final Test Choice you will complete. *Star* it. Let me know if you choose "Option 2: Common Application Revised".
  3. Check off the Successful Student Portfolio Components you know you have completed and can show me.
  4. Read the grading information.
  5. Ask questions.
2) Plan:
  1. Write a SMART goal for each day during 10 day review.
  2. These goals must be specific!
    1. Example: Rewrite the unit circle 3 times; Spend 20 minutes revising English 3 paper; Finish final HIS 132 DB in 30 min; Do two pages in science study guide
    2. Non-Example: Study math
Tuesday-Wednesday, 2-3 May
Final Test Choice Work Time
1) Prepare:
    1. Review the prompt you chose to respond to.
    2. Let me know if you have questions.
    3. Resume Resources: Writing a resume (Look under “Related Files”)
2) Write on! Finished early? Work on your SSP components or study.
    Thursday, 4 & Tuesday, 9 May
    Successful Student Portfolio Day

    Image result for portfolio1) Get Ready: Fill in what you will do today during in your SSP log. If needed, update your log in general so it is complete. Options:
    1. Complete your Final Test Choice writing task.
    2. Work on your Required and Choice Portfolio Components.
    2) Closure: Reflect on what you accomplished today by filling in your SSP log. Tuesday, 9 May: Complete the Advisory Reflection below.
    Wednesday - Thursday, 10-11 May
    Study Time
    Image result for study time
    1) Get Ready: Review your SMART goal for today.
    2) Go! 

    1. Study, create flash cards, etc to meet your studying SMART goal.
    2. Finish up your SSP.
      1. Need choice activities? Get a TRF, learning log (counts as 2), and/or Frayer model from the side table.
      2. Didn't keep a log? Create a one-pager:
        1. Middle: Successful Student Portfolio
        2. Border: Name or doodle different things you've worked on 
        3. Corner 1: Write 4 sentences evaluating how you used your time on SSP days
        4. Corner 2: Draw your favorite study tools
        5. Corner 3: Create a sample to do list for what you'd do if you had a big project coming up
        6. Corner 4: Write a list of 5 things others should do to make the most of their SSP

    **Take a picture of your calendar. Be ready to turn in your Advisory Final Test by Friday at the latest!**

    Monday, 15 May 
    Advisory Celebration

    The AVID district program is hosting its second Summer College Road Trip! This is a GREAT way to visit colleges for ONLY the cost of lunch! Below you can see the dates and locations. You'll tour the school, eat in the dining hall (or bring a bag lunch and make this free!), see a dorm, and visit students' favorite places around campus!

    Inline image 1

    How to sign up:
    1) We'll share the application with you once we have it. More trips will be added after we leave for the summer, SO PLEASE check the Lee County Schools' homepage here for the updates. Fill in the application! This is first come, first serve!
    2) Get a permission slip from by Ms. Delmaine's door (these will be out sometime during 10 day review - so keep checking). Complete the form with your parents/guardians and return it to Ms. Delmaine!
    3) On the day of the trip, meet at Lee Senior around 6am with about $10 for lunch.

    June 14: NCSU, Peace
    June 15: UNC Charlotte
    June 20: High Point University
    July 25: ECU
    Hopefully upcoming: ASU, UNCCH, NCCU, Virginia Tech, UNCP​

    We hope you can go! Please let Ms. Foster or Ms. Delmaine know if you have questions!

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