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Ms. Mallory Nickel

Sophomore Advisory • 919.888.4502 ext. 0112

Course description

In sophomore advisory students will develop a portfolio that showcases their goals, best work, revisions, and reflections. This year we will focus on helping students solidify career goals and then choose colleges that match those goals. Advisory will support student success in all classes by reviewing AVID strategies and successful student habits.
Lee County Transfer Goals
Lee County Students...
  1. Can demonstrate effective and creative written and oral communication in various formats appropriate for purpose and audience.
  2. Can, without significant scaffolding, comprehend and evaluate complex texts across a range of types and disciplines, and then construct arguments and convey intricate or multifaceted information. Likewise, students are able independently to discern a speaker’s key points, request clarification, and ask relevant questions.
  3. Can solve real-world problems by applying various strategies.
  4. Are self-directed learners who can self-evaluate using different perspectives.
  5. Are responsible/respectful leaders/citizens who can empathize in various situations
AVID Expectations
LEC is an AVID school. All students are required to maintain an AVID binder and to take and use Cornell notes in every class. An AVID binder will include the following:
  • A section in a binder (or a separate binder) for each class
  • A pencil pouch with a pen, pencil, highlighter, and sticky notes A planner (provided by advisors) or calendars (provided by AVID elective teachers)
  • An up to date table of contents, syllabus, and Cornell notes.
In addition, students will have a folder for each class in their Google Drive (this will be set up in Advisory). Students will take and use Cornell notes in every class.

Class Expectations
  • Follow SLANT
  • Only have a lidded water bottle to drink in the classroom
  • Keep book bags on the floor
  • Wait for permission to pack up

Classroom Norms:
-In my classroom, we function as a community of college ready learners. I set high expectations for all students. To function smoothly, we all abide by the Five Finger Contract:
-SAFETY (pinky finger): Students interact with each other in ways that foster a physically and emotionally safe environment.
-LOYALTY (ring finger): We are loyal to the values and mission of Lee Early College. Students strive to succeed, work efficiently, and seek opportunities to support what they want to do with their lives.
-RESPECT (middle finger): We speak and act respectfully at all times. Students listen when others are talking and treat classroom and school materials with care. Maintain TSLANT (Take headphones out, Sit up straight, Listen, Ask and answer questions, Nod your head, Track the speaker).
-ACCOUNTABILITY (pointer finger): Students come to class on time and prepared. Students do their own, original work and cite other works that they use (NO PLAGIARIZING!). Work is turned in on time and done to a high quality. Be accountable for your own learning! Ask for help when you need it!
-POSITIVITY (thumb): In our classroom, students assume positive intent - everyone has bad days sometimes, everyone needs to ask questions that seem obvious to someone else sometimes - but if we assume that we are all doing the best we can in the moment we can function smoothly as a supportive learning community. Encourage each other! Speak kindly! Ask questions and maintain a CAN DO attitude!

Class Attendance Policy
Class attendance is crucial for success. If you miss class, you are responsible for any work that you missed and have 3 days to make up missed assignments. Please check the class website and blog for material that you missed. Ask a classmate and then me for a copy of any notes that you missed. I will not initiate contact with you to tell you what work you need to make up.

I-School Policy
Strive to turn in all assignments on time and completed with full effort and turned in on time. If that does not happen - the school has implemented an Incomplete/Revision policy to address this situation and ensure student learning remains the priority.  Please see the Student Handbook for more information.
  • Incomplete Policy
Students will receive an incomplete for any assignment not turned in. Students with any incomplete work will be required to stay for detention at the teacher’s discretion until all missing work is submitted. Incomplete assignments will receive a 50.
  • Revision Policy
All assessments will be revision assignments. The student must meet with the instructor and revise the assignment if the score is below 80. Revised assignments must be submitted within 1 week after the graded paper has been returned to the student. See Student Handbook for further information.

Grading Policy
A 90-100%
B 80-89%
C 70-79%
D 60-69%
F Below 60%
The grades students earn reflect their mastery of concepts and skills set forth by the Essential Standards. Students are expected to revise the task until mastery of the concept or skill is demonstrated.

Cell Phone Policy
Cell phones and technology are wonderful tools, but only when used appropriately. My goal is to provide students with media literacy skills to make them responsible, technologically-savvy citizens. As such, cell phones are allowed in class under the following circumstances:
  1. Taking pictures of information posted in the room
  2. Working on tech-based projects that require audio, photo, or video editing
  3. Reading digital rather than print versions of text
While using phones, the classroom expectations are as follows:
  1. Only use cell phones during the appropriate allotted time
  2. Avoid using social media during class
  3. Avoid texting
  4. Avoid inappropriate websites

Plagiarism is defined as copying the language, phrasing, structure, or specific ideas of others and presenting any of these as one’s own, original work. Plagiarism is considered a violation of academic integrity and any student who commits plagiarism will receive a referral and an Incomplete, which must be resubmitted to receive credit for the class. There is a zero-tolerance policy for plagiarism.

  • 1st offense: Warning, Student/Teacher Conference
  • 2nd offense: Mandatory 5 minute Refocus
  • 3rd offense: Detention (lunch or 30 minutes before or after school)/Parent Contact
  • 4th offense: Detention, Parent/Teacher/Student Conference, Office Referral
Parents and Guardians:
I highly value the role parents and guardians play in student learning.  Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions, concerns, or comments you may have throughout the semester. You may also check my website daily (it is on the front of this syllabus) for announcements, calendars, and other information about what we are doing in the classroom. Thank you for your support!

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