Successful Student Portfolio

Purpose: Students can…
What Does “Success” Look Like To You?...transfer skills for college readiness, organization, time management, and studying to classes at LEC and CCCC.
...set and meet personal goals.
...update their graduation plans, resumes, and cover letters to reflect their goals.
...create a digital presentation that demonstrates professionalism.

Due Date:
-Semester 1: 10 Day Review Meetings with Ms. Nickel
-Semester 2: Parent/Teacher/Student Conference

1) Weekly Expectations for Thursdays:
  1. Warm Up: Look back at your planner and check off each item you have completed. Star items you must remember to do.
  2. Get Set: Choose an activity to work on and list it in your log. If you need to meet with me, let me know!
  3. Go: Complete your activity.
  1. Record: Add any related artifacts to your Advisory Guide.
  2. Reflect: Reflect in your log.

What goes in my portfolio?
*Unless otherwise noted (like your planner) all components will be added into your Advisory Guide folder!*
Part 1: Required Portfolio Components:
  • Goal setting sheet (Due on August 11)
  • Daily/weekly planner/calendar + reflection (Show me your physical or digital planner)
  • Extracurricular log and reflection
  • Revision reflection
  • Academic worksheet for your major with courses highlighted that you plan to finish at CCCC
  • ___ ___ Two complete sets of C-notes with highlighted key terms, summaries, HOT questions
  • ___ ___ Two binder organization checklists
Part 2: Choice Portfolio Components: You must have 10 additional components in your portfolio. You may use any option from the list below OR the Required Portfolio Components list above. You may repeat an option 3 times.
Part 3: Presentation (counts as Advisory final)
  • Updated cover letter and resume are printed and added to your Advisory Guide (You must print these!)
  • Digital presentation that includes:
    • 7 pictures from your portfolio
    • Sophomore year goal reflection
    • Long term goal description and how the portfolio will help you meet that goal
    • Explanation of the courses you plan to take at LEC/CCCC and how they will help you meet college, career, and life goals
  • Professional dress is worn to your presentation

First Semester
Second Semester
  • Four required components are completed, including one set of Cornell notes and one binder check (20 pts)
  • Six Choice components are completed (30 pts)
  • Student works on Portfolio (unless meeting with Advisor) every Thursday without reminders to be on task (20 pts)
  • Student meets with Advisor during the first week of 10 day review and is ready to share portfolio progress (10 pts)

  • Required components are completed (20 pts)
  • Choice components are completed (30 pts)
  • Resume and cover letter are updated and printed and added to Advisory Guide (20 pts)
  • Presentation is created on time (10 pts)
  • Presentation includes all necessary components (30 pts)
  • Presentation is given to parents/guardians and Advisor (20 pts)
  • Student works on Portfolio or meets with Advisor every Thursday without reminders to be on task (20 pts)
_______/80 pts
_______/150 pts


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